Future Environmentalists

connection of the management of the European nature capital with the field research

Challenges in management of natural resources and biodiversity conservation;
Environmental Science and Biodiversity
Ioannis Tsiripidis       1:30
Species distribution modelling
Spyros Tsiftsis       1:30
Introduction to ecological modeling
Athanasios Kallimanis       2:00
Seed dispersal ecology and implications for ecosystem management
Nikolaos Nanos       2:00
Conservation programs and project development (using the Open Standards)
Tanya Georgieva-Schnell       2:00
Tropical forests: diversity, composition and threats
Radim Matula       1:30
Impacts of climate change on forests
  Miloš Rydval       1:30
Pond management and regional diversity decline
Filip Harabiš       1:30
Modeling Vertebrate Use of Terrestrial Resources
Charalampos Thoma       1:30
Key paradigms in nature conservation
Jan Plesnik       1:30
Current global issues, environmental protection and nature conservation
Jan Plesnik       1:30
Biodiversity as a global issue: Current state, changes, trends and outlook – ways forward
Jan Plesnik       1:30
International (global, pan-European and the EU) conservation policy I.
Jan Plesnik       1:30
International (global, pan-European and the EU) conservation policy II.
Jan Plesnik       1:30
Forests in the world from a point of view of the science-policy interface
Jan Plesnik       1:30
Population Viability Analysis
Dimitrios Bakaloudis       1:30
High conservation value forests - base of the approach. High conservation value forests in Bulgaria
  Dobromira Dimova Petrova       1:00
Sustainable development of a tourist destination. Elaboration of an Action Plan
Dessislava Alexova       1:30
Multivariate analysis with R
Ioannis Tsiripidis       3:00
The Impact of Emerging Infectious Diseases in Wildlife
David Lastra González       1:30
Ecological restoration of degraded (especially post-mining) sites
Markéta Hendrychová       1:30
Threats to amphibians and their conservation
Tomáš Holer       1:30
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