Future Environmentalists

connection of the management of the European nature capital with the field research

Implementation of nature protection: European, international and national legislation; monitoring of biodiversity, species and habitats
Biodiversity of Bulgaria. Alpha and Beta Diversity. Trends and changes in biodiversity.
Rosen Tsonev       1:30
Red Data Book of Natural Habitats in Europe. Relationships with Directive 92/43 / EEC
Rosen Tsonev       1:30
Red List of IUCN. Threat criteria and categories. Red Lists and Red Data Book of Bulgaria
Rosen Tsonev       1:30
Biosphere Reserves as a Tool for Sustainable Development
  Katrin Tomova       2:00
Conserving the genetic diversity of animals
Alexandros Triantafyllidis       1:30
Vertebrate species of conservation significance in Bulgaria. Biological specifics, habitats, risk factors.
  Atanas Grozdanov       1:30
Nature Conservation and Environmental Legislation: a review on the legislative framework in Bulgaria
Spas Uzunov       0:00
Keystone biodiversity conservation strategy documents – Biodiversity Strategy and National Natura 2000 Framework
Spas Uzunov       0:00
Species and habitats mapping
Fotios Xystrakis       2:00
Contingent Valuation Method for Nature
Dimitra Lazaridou       1:30
Species distribution modelling
Spyros Tsiftsis       1:30
Ecology and conservation of small populations
Dimitrios Bakaloudis       1:30
Financing of Nature Conservation
Nada Tosheva-Ilieva       2:00
Implementation of the Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC in Greece
Dimitrios Zervas       1:30
Genetic diversity and conservation of plant species
Andreas Drouzas       1:30
Identification and Management of Wildlife Damages
Konstantina Makridou       1:30
Modeling Vertebrate Use of Terrestrial Resources
Charalampos Thoma       1:30
Environmental Impact Assessment
Dimitrios Bakaloudis       1:30
Population Viability Analysis
Dimitrios Bakaloudis       1:30
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