Future Environmentalists

connection of the management of the European nature capital with the field research

Jonathan Schurman
Mixed-severity natural disturbances promote the occurrence of anendangered umbrella species in primary forests
Martin Mikolas et al.
Disturbance and landscape dynamics in a changing world
Monica G. Turner
Frequent severe natural disturbances and non-equilibrium landscapedynamics shaped the mountain spruce forest in central Europe
Vojtech Cada, Robert C. Morrissey, Zuzana Michalova, Radek Bace, Pavel Janda, Miroslav Svoboda
Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation
The Conservation Measure Partnership
Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences
Nancy Duarte
Интерактивна карта на местообитанията и дънните субстрати в Черно море и Средиземно море
Онлайн карта с основни типове местообитания в морето – скални рифове, пясъци
Център за приложение на спътникови изображения - РЕСАК, 2017
Европейска база данни с морски данни EMODnet
European Marine Observation and Data Network
Business Technology Investing Economy Special Report Search this site The “Green” Hypocrisy: America’s Corporate Environment Champions Pollute The World
Ash Allen, 2009
Presentation Greenwashing
Guval Guillaume
Greenwashing Presentation
Tracey King
Business Ethics: The Magazine for Corporate REsponsibility
BSR™ global nonprofit organization
CSR Finance Forum
Social Responsibilities of the Businessman
Howard R. Bowen, 2013
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