Future Environmentalists

connection of the management of the European nature capital with the field research

CZ: Join the Future Environmentalists project

CZ: Join the Future Environmentalists project

The Faculty of Environmental Sciences and Faculty of Forestry and Wood Sciences announce a call for applications of student involvement into activities under project “Future Environmentalists – connection of the management of the European nature capital with the field research”.

The call is open in period: 07/02/2019 – 10/03/2019

For application, please, fill in this form:


About the project:

The project is implemented in partnership between the Association of Parks in Bulgaria, Bulgarian Biodiversity Foundation, Thessaloniki University “Aristotel”, Greece, and the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague, Czech Republic, and shows the link between the policies for nature conservation and their practical implementation.

Main focus in it is the elaboration of a Programme for professional development of students “Future environmentalists”, in which students, PhD students and young professionals in natural sciences from Bulgaria, Greece and Czech Republic will have the opportunity to develop their skills by additional free training. The programme focuses on the research and management of the nature resources and the protected areas, knowledge and monitoring for implementation of the European environmental policies in the three countries, the advocacy and the active civil society.

Programme composition:

  • at least 12 face-to-face lectures
  • 9 webinars (3 of partners of each participating country)
  • one-week practical course in Strandzha Nature Park in Bulgaria
  • other accompanying events (job fairs etc.)


Length of the Programme:

February 2019 – September 2020

Main topics:

  • Implementation of nature protection: European, international and national legislation; monitoring of biodiversity, species and habitats
  • Challenges in management of natural resources and biodiversity conservation;
  • EU best practice for field research on different species groups and habitats)
  • Uniqueness of biodiversity of Greece, Bulgaria and Czech Republic
  • Advocacy (conflict solving and negotiation skills), networking and campaign design, communication and presentation skills


After completion, all participants will receive a certificate.

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